An Alternative Core Finance “Syllabus”

  New to finance? Not getting anything out of the lectures or reading?  Then here’s an alternative study routine for you from the MIT Sloan School of Management.  I like the way Professor Lo explains things, and as an added bonus you can download the videos and put it on your ipod for those long bus/bike rides to campus.  I think the content is presented much, much better and is very well organized.

  Watch the following sample at 20:36 for an example of how he provides a similar response, but then follows it up with an actual explanation.  This is the exact question we had in class:  how does the dividend discount model apply to stocks that don’t pay dividends?  Give it about 3 minutes.  

  If you like this teaching style a little more, then watch the movies below and read the lecture slides before each class session:


Present Value Relations (3 hrs)

Bonds (fixed income securities) (3 hrs)

Class 4 (Thurs, Sept 25th): Equity Fundamentals (2 hrs)

Class 5 (Tues, Sept 30th): Efficient Markets (3 hrs)

Note: Yes, it’s 3 hours.  Just watch the first 10 minute video and then determine if you want to watch the rest.  It goes into psychology for a bit, which I loved.  It’s an amazing lecture.

Class 8 (Thurs, Oct 9th):

1. Risk and Return (1 hr)

2. Portfolio Theory (Pt 1) (30 min)

Class 10-11 (Thurs, Oct 16th and Tues, Oct 21): CAPM   (2 hrs)

Classes 12-14 (Thurs, Oct 23rd thru Thurs, Oct 30): Capital Budgeting  (2 hrs)

Class 17-20 (11 Nov – 20 Nov): Capital Structure – no video lectures, but here are some slides that are a little better than the ones on Canvas.

Discussion on MM theory slides

What’s missing from MM theory?  Part 1

What’s missing from MM theory?  Part 2

WACC and APV slides

You can always view the complete course at MIT’s OpenCourseWare Finance Theory I site.

Meet the Firms (Sep-Nov ’14): At a glance

**Last updated 8 Oct — added Nike and EDF**

Fellow UW Foster MBA students!  The “Meet the Firm” schedule has been posted through November, and by now you should all have your resumes and profiles up on our various career sites (if not, check your emails for instructions!).  I reviewed the list of upcoming info sessions and split them up by industry/job function as best as I could and sorted them by date.  Every company has full-time, post-grad, and internship opportunities unless otherwise noted.  Hope this helps you with your career exploration and internship hunt!

See the full schedule, RSVP, and stay up to date on the Foster MBA Jobs site

Management Consulting

McKinsey & Co:  Sep 29, Management Consulting.  FT/post grad hire only. Learn about consulting careers and how McKinsey approaches client assignments and utilizes frameworks to solve unique client issues and uncover opportunities.  Speaker is Alex Rawson, HBS MBA Grad.  Learn more about him on the McKinsey site, here.

Point B:  Sep 30, Management Consulting. Consulting Mag #2 best firm to work for overall.

Alvarez & Marsal:  Oct 2, Consulting.

Arryve:  Oct 8, Consulting.  Seattle top 100 places to work for.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG):  Oct 23, Consulting.  Ranked #3 on Fortune Magazine’s 2014 list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For.”  This session will talk about what to expect in a case interview with BCG. 

Deloitte: Nov 6, Consulting

Marketing Consulting

Lenati:  Oct 13, Marketing and Sales Consulting.

Bridge Partners:  Nov 20, Consulting – Marketing, Sales & Channel, Business Transformation.

Tech Management/Consulting

Intel:  Oct 1, Tech. Full time positions, second years only.

Walt Disney Co:  Oct 3, Media/Entertainment.  Full time position only.  Disney is seeking candidates to their Disney Technology Management Rotational Program. The positions are full-time professional with strong support from their senior leadership team and C-suite.

Amazon:  Oct 9, Tech.

Infosys Consulting:  Oct 14, Tech Consulting.

Vertafore:  Oct 20, Tech – Insurance Software.

Rosetta Stone:  Oct 21, Language Software.

iGate Technologies Inc:  Oct 27, Tech Consulting.  FT/post-grad hire only.

IBM:  Oct 30, Tech Consulting.

Intel:  Nov 12, Tech. Internship opportunities, 1st years only.

Microsoft:  Nov 18, Tech.

Healthcare Consulting

Switchpoint LLC:  Oct 23, Consulting (healthcare and nonprofit).

ECG Management Consultants:  Oct 28, Healthcare Management Consulting.  FT/post-grad hire only.


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:  Oct 29, Nonprofit.

Social Venture Partners Seattle:  Nov 4, Nonprofit/social causes.  FT/post-grad hire only.

Environmental Defense Fund:  Nov 21, Nonprofit/environmental advocacy.


Nordstrom:  Nov 7, Retail. FT/post-grad hire only. Brief on Corporate Strategy.

Costco:  Nov 13, Retail.


Mu Sigma: Sep 29, Analytics.  

Liberty Mutual:  Oct 9, Insurance.

Phillips:  Oct 15, Consumer Electronics.

Nike:  Oct 16, Consumer Products 

Oberto Sausage Company:  Oct 22, Food (jerky).

Skanska: Oct 30, Project Development and Construction Firm/ Real Estate.

Cambia Health Solutions: Nov 3, Healthcare

D.A. Davidson and Co:  Nov 19, Financial services.


I signed up for: Mu Sigma, McKinsey, Point B, Lenati, Nordstrom, and Bridge Partners.  Also going to the Fall Career Forum on 7 October!  


Quick and Dirty Autumn ’14 Textbook Guide for Foster MBAs

It (might be) a trap!
It (might be) a trap!

**Updated 16 September**

  Just got back from the UW bookstore! Be careful about the Strategic Management Theory textbook, the UW bookstore only had the old 10th edition (used), and the syllabus asks for the 11th ed.  I spent around $325 for all my books (rent/buy) but you could probably get away with a lot less.  

Only have 15 minutes to spare?  Here’s the quick and dirty way to just “do what Nelson did” below: 

Rent from Amazon:

Corporate Finance: The Core 3rd ed. —–  ISBN-10: 0133097897  Edition: 3rd     $34

Strategic Management Theory, 11th ed —- ISBN-10: 1285184491  Edition: 11th    $75

Buy from UW Bookstore:

Foster MBA: Financial Accounting —- available only from the UW Bookstore for $171.75. 

Principles of Microeconomics, 6th ed —- ISBN-10: 0538453044  Edition: 6th    $50 (used)

“Zoots” Case for Microecon/Strategy  

Marketing Course Pack (Available 18 September) — $125

Buy from Harvard Business School Publishing (registration required):

Stratecon 2014 HBSP course pack — $8, 3 cases, registration required

2014 Foster MBA Core Accounting Course Pack —  $12, 3 cases, registration required 

Midland Energy Resources Case Study — $9

Everything else is totally, completely optional OR available online on Canvas as far as I know.

Here are my notes in more detail:

Finance (Prof Lance Young)

Corporate Finance: The Core 3rd ed. —–  ISBN-10: 0133097897  Edition: 3rd

New: $165.17-$147.77, used $145, $34 to rent from Amazon.  I rented mine.  Don’t need the access card, and according to the professor, you could even use the 2nd edition if you wanted

Case Study: Midland Energy Resources – purchase at HBS for $9:

Financial Accounting (Prof Frank Hodge) 

Foster MBA: Financial Accounting —- available only from the UW Bookstore for $171.75.  Access Card is required here, so really this is a good deal compared to the $260 non-custom edition on Amazon.  

2014 Foster MBA Core Accounting Course Pack —  3 cases at — $12, registration required 

Microeconomic Foundations of Strategy (Prof Charles Hill)

Strategic Management Theory, 11th ed —- ISBN-10: 1285184491  Edition: 11th

Amazon $193-166 new, $155 used, or $75 to rent. 10th Ed (used) is sold for $99.95 at the UW bookstore. Not sure what’s new from the 10th ed besides “Focus on Wal-mart” notes in each chapter, according to the Cengage site. According to last year’s students, you don’t really need this, but the syllabus says you’re supposed to read 5-6 chapters from it.  I rented the 11th ed from Amazon but I think the smarter thing to do is just ignore it and borrow from the library if they actually use it.  Or get the 10th edition.

Principles of Microeconomics, 6th ed —- ISBN-10: 0538453044  Edition: 6th

Amazon $227.54 new or $46.95 used.  Oddly enough no rent option from Amazon for this ISBN.  There were plenty of used ones for $50 at the UW Bookstore. Lots of them were untouched.  I bought a used copy…it wasn’t clear to me from the 2013 Syllabus if we needed the access code, and if I need to buy one I’ll pay the $85 from Amazon for it.

We also need to get the Zoots Case from the UW Bookstore.

HBSP course materials at  — $8

Marketing (Professor Jain)

A Framework for Marketing Management  
ISBN-10: 0132539306  Edition: 5th

This textbook is recommended, but not required.  $130 new, or $30 to rent from Amazon.

Marketing Coursepack — $125, available 18 Sep, only available from the UW bookstore.  

Also need to register for PharmaSim – you’ll get email instructions on how to do it.  Registration is about $40. 

Professional Development, (Assistant Dean Naomi Sanchez)

Readings will be announced on a session-by-session basis.  All the readings will be provided to you so no worries!

For additional information, check Newsletter 15 at the Foster Admitted Student  Announcements page.  All of this is based on asking prior year students, newsletter 15, and the syllabi.