Springtime and Catching up with the UW Foster MBA program

Obligatory Cherry Blossom photo in the Quad Obligatory Cherry Blossom photo in the Quad

It’s Springtime in Seattle, and that means that there’s only one quarter (10 weeks!) left in my full-time MBA experience here at the University of Washington. The last two quarters (Fall and Winter) have been weird and busy as a second-year MBA student, filled with club and class commitments, job interviews, and career decisions. I’m also spending weekends and evenings in The Mountaineers Basic Alpine Course and organizing events for the 2016 Mt Rainier Challenge for Charity Fundraising Climb. All those time management and balance skills from the first year are really paying off!

A lot’s happened in the last six months. I accepted a full-time job offer, got to meet one of my heroes and attend the eye-opening Outdoor Retailer convention, met with leadership teams at several outdoor brands in Salt Lake City, and had a great recruiting conference in Nashville with other student veterans. I broke through plateaus in my snowboarding and climbing, and recently I’ve ventured into alpine climbing and snowboard mountaineering. We had the wettest winter in Seattle, which made for a great snow season and a lack of blog updates. Now that we’re getting 70-degree days, it’s time to get back to business here and digest all the things that have happened since September. Expect more soon!