Two Project Schedules to Help with Winter Quarter (and beyond)

While Fall Quarter was intense in terms of coursework and teamwork, Winter Quarter has been all about balancing your teamwork with the internship search and all those additional duties (leadership positions!) you signed up for in the Fall. For these (and other) reasons, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed this quarter due to the lack of structure compared to Fall Quarter.

So you should already be using Sunrise and Todoist to handle your personal or tactical-level day-to-day activities, but what if you want to get a view of the rest of the quarter? I created two options for you (download either by clicking on the title or the image):

Excel Version

Download by clicking here or clicking on the image above

Just a very crude, very basic Gantt-esque excel calendar that you can use to visualize the rest of the quarter. I know that it’s not in true MS Project-style sequencing but it’s just here to help you get a handle on what we have to do this quarter, and it’s very easy to edit and customize to your particular schedule. I added an ‘extracurricular’ and ‘career management’ section at the bottom for you to edit to your liking. NOTE: This is NOT my actual schedule!

Powerpoint Version (via OfficeTimeline)

Download here or by clicking on the image above

I spent about 45 minutes today looking for free and visually-appealing alternatives to MS Project and ended up with the above result, which I created with a program called “office timeline” and Powerpoint. You will need to download the free version of office timeline here to edit this, otherwise you’ll have to manually edit everything you want in regular Powerpoint. If anyone knows of something like a “Sway for MS Project” or “Haikudeck for MS Project” please let me know, because I desperately want one.

I hope this helps you get a feel for what we have to accomplish this quarter when it comes to group projects, and good luck on the internship search!

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