The Meeting @ Aspen

  Last Monday, I got to hear TA McCann (founder, RivalIQ) kick off UW’s Entreweek 2014 with a speech on the power of networking (slides here).  He speaks all over the country on entrepreneurship and you can see more of his presentations here on slideshare.

  He also recommended a bunch of useful networking tools for managing contacts like Rapportive, Fullcontact, and Newsle.  I tried all of them out but they’re all currently in Beta, so until they get finished I’m still going to use my excel spreadsheet to manage my contacts…but these sites look really useful so keep an eye on them as they get more mature.  

  He also mentioned something called “The Meeting” in Aspen – apparently it’s a 1-day outdoor industry conference where there are panel discussions and presentations about the state and future of the industry.  The best thing about this meeting is that they post videos to the public, so you too can share in their knowledge!  We just missed the 2014 edition of The Meeting, but you can watch the 2013 videos on Vimeo here.  Here’s an example below, with a panel on “The Strategy of Building, Marketing, and Selling a Brand” with reps from some heavy hitters from the industry like Red Bull and GoPro.  

  At about 20 minutes in, the conversation gets really, really good. 

  More info on The Meeting here at the Aspen Snowmass event site.  Looking forward to this year’s videos and attending in person next year!

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