Outdoor Industry Research

  If you’re like me and passionate about the Outdoor Industry, you had better be following the latest trade and industry news!

  • SNEWS (Specialty News):  Outdoor Industry, Fitness, Yoga industry news site.  
  • Outdoor Industry Association (OIA): Market research and advocacy for outdoor sports.  Great place for data and numbers and get educated.
  • SIA – Snowsports (Snowsports Industry Association): Snowsports-specific news and market research
  • Jeff Harbaugh and Associates:  Blog by a consultant for the outdoor industry.  His MarketWatch column has been running for like 20 years, and is a great source of info from an insider’s perspective.
  • Grist:  Environmental news.  The fate of the outdoor industry and the environment are linked, and is only going to get more and more important as time goes on.
  • Transworld Business: Boardsports-specific trade news for those of us who like standing sideways.  Amazing resource even if you don’t!

  Works great with news aggregators like feedly!

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