2 must-have apps to keep track of your assignments

  It’s been three weeks into the MBA program and I am super glad that I spend the time early on to organize my assignments schedule.  I first started with an excel spreadsheet (you can see it here in my guide), but I wanted it easily accessible on my iPhone.  I know some of my classmates went ahead and printed it out (awesome idea!) but we have to be a little more flexible as we found out more about our assignments and some dates got moved around.  

  I know that managing your time is really tough to do once you’re extremely busy, but it’s not too late!  Keeping track of all your assignments in your head is a recipe for failure, and you won’t be able to contribute 100% of your mental energy and passion if you’re constantly trying to remember everything you gotta do in and outside of school/work.  

  So here are my must-have apps that I absolutely can’t live without right now:

1. Sunrise

  I’ve talked about Sunrise before, but since then it’s just gotten better and better.  No other calendar looks as good across all my devices, and it works with every shared calendar you could possibly have.  It works with productivity tools like Asana, Producteev, Evernote todo lists, and Todoist.  It also syncs with your Facebook or LinkedIn contacts so if you have a meeting with someone, you’ll see their info if you’re connected to each other.  And finally, it’s connected to Google Maps so you can enter in locations and get directions for all your meetings!

2.  Todoist

  I’ve tried to make to-do lists in the past using Evernote, Asana, Wunderlist, Google Tasks, and good ol’ pen and paper.  None of them stuck with me because they weren’t convenient to use and set up, or just plain annoyed me (Asana, do I really have to manually assign everything to myself and then you have to email me every day on overdue tasks?).  Then I found Todoist, which syncs up wonderfully with Sunrise.  It’s just an elegant, basic to-do list that works across all your devices (included web), costs nothing, and is effortless to set up.  You can add a task, set a due date in 3-5 seconds, or you can ‘snooze’ on tasks (one touch pushes the task a day or a week!).

  Here’s a screenshot of how I use it (web view):


And here’s how it looks in Sunrise!

Pretty light schedule!
Pretty light schedule!

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