Is this the start of the outdoor club? Thoughts on Little Si

  After an invigorating career day at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, a couple of us MBA students decided to go do a sunset hike at Little Si, just off of exit 32 on Hwy 90.  We tore up Little Si in about 40 minutes, and then sat around at the top for a while and watched the sun set over the Olympic Range.  We were hoping to catch the Aurora Borealis, but we didn’t know that there was no way we’d be able to see it.  

  A couple of us are thinking about starting an outdoor industry club here at the University of Washington.  With such amazing companies in the local area and so many opportunities for fun in the outdoors – why hasn’t anyone done this before?  The opportunity to start something new and pass something down to future generations is also extremely tempting and motivating.  We have an Olympic biathlete, a Colorado ski patroller, and a ton of other talented folks with a passion for the outdoors in our midst.  Why not us?  Why not now?


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