Last Day of Foster MBA Orientation

We had a case competition!
We had a case competition!

Orientation Day 3

  Thankfully this is the last day of orientation!  We spent the morning in two info briefings – the first one was on computer resources.  It was exhausting because there were a ton of questions about what was available to us, and while some of the questions were useful for the entire class because the information couldn’t be found elsewhere, there were a lot of questions that were specific to one student or it was on information that had already been provided to us several times in the past.  The second info brief was on crafting persuasive recommendations (i.e. recommending a course of action to a decision maker).  We then immediately got to apply our knowledge by doing a 1hr business case evaluation with our core team.  It was really enlightening to see our team in action for real this time, under time pressure.  We did well and developed an amazing outline, presentation, and business case backed up with a rough quantitative analysis…but we never briefed it.  Signs of good things to come, though!

  Lunch was filled with meeting with club representatives and getting an opportunity to talk to people about the MBA Assocation at Foster.  These networking events/fairs really force me to eat fast, so I just grabbed a sandwich and wolfed it down in a corner before going to meet the club folks.  It was great to be able to talk to people about what each club offers, but right now I’m still planning on joining waaaay too many clubs.  Need to cut em down to like 4-5.

  After lunch was when the action happened:  we got about 2.5 hours for another case competition.  My team gelled together really well and we never ran out of ideas…the real problem was keeping the team on track and on time, or we’d be coming up with too many creative solutions!  We ended up winning a little piece of paper saying that we won, which is kind of nice and really unexpected.  Our team did surprisingly well once it came time to brief – everything just magically came together!

  The final event of the night was a happy hour in PACCAR hall hosted by BizComm and some other clubs.  I actually ended up just hanging out with a couple of my classmates from ’16 and had some really deep conversations.  It was really great to have some really good discussions on deciding on a career.

  Rode the bike home and ended up doing readings for the Leadership class until midnight.  It begins!

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