Foster Full Time MBA Orientation, Day 1-2

So, it begins!
So, it begins!

  While the Fall Quarter hasn’t started for us, the UW Full-time MBA class of 2016 has been busy in the PRIME program (aka the orientation program).  So it’s been a busy couple of days and a flurry of briefings and networking-heavy meals.  There are so many amazing people in this program, it’s tough to get to know all of them on a deeper level than a basic introduction.  There’s just not enough time at these initial networking events, and I think most people are really trying to make an effort to get to know their classmates.  One of my buddies quipped “everybody’s in baby-kissing mode” but things will settle down in a couple of weeks.

 The info briefings each had some great take-aways, but there were some repeated info from the previous welcome/preview events that I attended several months ago.  We were told (again) that Fall Quarter is going to be insanely busy.  Finance and Accounting aren’t my strong points, but I’m hoping my experience with Oklahoma State’s online program will help.  Each of the briefings were well done and very well presented, and at one point everybody got up to the front of the room and got to dance.  If I was trying to be a tough ex-military guy, I’d abstain from that kind of activity.  But I resolved at the beginning of this program that I’m going all in, so I got into it and enjoyed myself!  

  We closed the first night with a gorgeous cruise on Lake Washington.  Food was great (pasta bar and tons of crab and shrimp, woah!) but the bar only accepted credit cards, so there was a long wait to cash out.  Weather was amazing and got some quality time with my classmates and the Foster MBA staff.  

Our mighty vessel for the first night of orientation - I don't remember being treated this well as an undergrad at Cal!
Our mighty vessel for the first night of orientation – I don’t remember being treated this well as an undergrad at Cal!

  After the event I had to ride my bike back home in the dark – the batteries in my bike light died so I had to follow another biker.  Fun fact: the Burke Gilman Trail doesn’t have any lights!  

  The second day we got more info briefs.  Lunch was busy, we had a Leadership & Opportunities Fair where we got to see all the extracurricular programs, campus resources, and additional certificate programs that are available to us.  I’m especially excited for some of these programs, but I’m being extremely protective of my time right now and being very careful not to overcommit.  I’ve basically decided to try to do no more than 3 of the long-term programs for the first year and go from there.  Pagliacci pizza catered the event (excellent choice!) and I honestly wanted to just hide in a corner and wolf down an entire pizza by myself.  I didn’t, of course – I quietly enjoyed two slice and a meager cup of water while chatting with classmates.

Study tours, you say?  
Study tours, you say?  

  The highlight of the day was getting to find out who was on my Core Team!  These are the folks that I’m going to be spending a lot of time with in the Fall Quarter while we power through the core curriculum.  The MBA staff assigns these teams based on a variety of factors, but they try to set you up to succeed.  

  We have five on our team, and we met up at Ivar’s Salmon House to have some beers at the patio.  Not gonna lie, my team is pretty sweet so far.  It’s early though, and we all know about Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing.  But at least there haven’t been any warning signs, either.  Looking forward to Fall Quarter, Team Huffies/Above the Sound!

Team Huffies!  #AbovetheSound
Team Huffies!  #AbovetheSound

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