Air Force Reserve IMA Annual Requirements Explained

Hope someone finds this useful – I had to look around all over the place for this information because the Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) program is kind of the stepchild of the Reserves.  I could find a lot of info for Guardsmen and Trad Reservists, but not so much for IMAs.

You have two very soft, very flexible requirements to be in your IMA position:

1.  A requirement to do a number of duty hours for your position every Fiscal Year.  As IMAs we have an Inactive Duty Training (IDT) period and Annual Tour (AT) requirement for our IMA position (example: I need 48 IDTs and 14 AT as stated in my billet/position description, and I gotta meet this every fiscal year or things happen, see below). 

2.  A requirement to do a certain number of hours to get a ‘good year’ towards retirement every R/R year.  Let’s say you separated from Active Duty on 27 May 2014 and immediately joined the Reserves on 28 May 2014.  So, you have to get 50 points from 28 May 2014 – 27 May 2015, which is pretty damn easy.  You automatically get 15 points for having a heartbeat, so you really only need to get 35 points (either AT, IDT, or whatever) to have enough for a ‘good year’ towards retirement.  Remember that each 4-hour IDT period counts as 1 point, and each day of AT counts as 1 point. 

So what happens if you don’t get enough duty hours per Fiscal Year for your billet?  

They can hit you with reassignment or at worst, discharge.  Up to the Commander to decide.  You can write a waiver for your AT (signed by your Commander) and be good to go, too.  

What happens if you don’t get enough points in your R/R year?  

Well, you want a minimum of 20 ‘good years’ and you can stop working after that.  Any pts you got during the R/R year will still go towards your final retirement pay calculation though so it’s not that big a deal if you’re thinking long term.  And in the short term, you still get paid very, very well for your time.

I also heard that you don’t have to use IDT at the unit you’re assigned to, just your AT days…you’ll have to ask someone smarter than me about this, though.

Do weekends count?

Yes, for your AT – most people do something like Monday (week 1) through Friday (week 2), which ends up being 12 days including the Sat/Sun in between.  Think of it like being Active Duty again, you’re kind of on a pass every weekend.  You can do weekend IDTs if your office is okay with it and you put in the hours, but my office is a Mon-Fri kind of gig so weekends weren’t a great use of our time.

Can you work from home?

You can definitely work from home if you have prior written approval from your unit.  There’s a form in AFI 36-2254 (reserve personnel telecommuting guidelines) that you need to fill out, and it should be one of your in-processing requirements.  It’s better for both you and the unit for you to knock out all your CBT/online training requirements from the comfort of your home. 

3 thoughts on “Air Force Reserve IMA Annual Requirements Explained

  1. If I started in May, do I have until May next hear to complete my IDT, or am I pro rated and have to complete my IDTs by 1 Oct?

    Please let me know and list a source document if possible


    1. You need to meet your duty requirement as outlined in your position/job description by 1 Oct. So if your position description says 24 IDT and 14 AT, you need to get all that done by 1 Oct.

      Talk with your commander or reserve Pgm Manager – if you don’t meet your requirement, they could either write a waiver or do nothing. Check AFI 36-2254v1, Reserve Personnel Participation para 1.4.2 has a great thing:

      1.4.2. Minimum FY requirements. Excusals for Annual Training (AT) must be obtained by1 June each FY. For IMA, excusal approval authority rests with the PM for the first twoexcusals, thereafter with the RMG commander. For centrally managed IMAs, the PM mustobtain concurrence of the member’s functional manager. Unit commanders may excuse anypart of AT or IDT. Excusals for IDT must be obtained before the scheduled training starts.


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