Bridal Falls/Lake Serene with Charles and Peter

View from Lake Serene
View from Lake Serene

Hiking Bridal Falls/Lake Serene, 3 Jul 2014

  First hike with the Foster hiking crew. Met up at Charles’s sweet apartment complex in Wallingford, showed up late so he and Peter were just hanging out in the car waiting for me. Short drive up US Hwy 2 and we were there. Weather was pretty overcast/rainy in the AM.

  Hike was pretty gentle all the way up to Bridal Falls.  You can get into the falls if you like, but it would be pretty fatal I think – the water was going really strong.

Bridal Falls - it's worth the detour
Bridal Falls – it’s worth the detour

  Hike was nice and steep. 28 switchbacks to get to the top were no joke, at times there were stairs. Peter brought his dog, who was off leash most of the time and did really well. So jealous, I wish our dog was like that!

  Lake Serene was great, a very nice payoff…imagine it would be much better on a sunny day. We made it to lunch rock and decided to get some peace and quiet and go to a different rock. We scrambled along the side of the lake, down a rope, and across a scree field before finding a lunch spot we named “brunch rock.”

  Charles did some fly fishing (didn’t catch anything), I went around to explore for some bouldering and Peter relaxed while watching the clouds rise above Mt. Index (pictured). I didn’t find anything in my skill level that was protected – lots of sharp rocks. Did find one really cool overhanging problem with 2 ratty ass crash pads decaying underneath it.

Charles fly-casting like a boss
Charles fly-casting like a boss

  Peter asked a good question on the drive back – what would your ideal internship be like next summer? I guess it would be…working at an outdoor company doing product management/marketing!

47.7825° N, 121.575° W

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