The day I fell in love with the UW Foster School of Business

Rainier Vista
Rainier Vista

First time on the University of Washington campus, the night before the Preview Weekend.  Weather was pretty glorious, and the view of Rainier was spectacular. The library was stunning, with the grand staircase and all that. Can’t believe it’s 90 years old!

I came to campus a day early to meet with a fellow veteran and talk about the MBA program.  After I found out I was accepted by the Foster Graduate School of Business, I got an email from Tyler, a second-year MBA student at UW.  We chatted a little bit about the program via email and arranged to meet on campus the evening before the actual Preview Weekend events started.  Turns out we were at the same base in Afghanistan at around the same time (he got there just when I was just leaving) and we knew a lot of the same people.  Small world!  

We met up at PACCAR Hall, UW’s really new and futuristic business building and my potential home for the next two years.  Tyler brought in some other vets to help answer my questions, and we had some coffee from the downstairs cafe for an hour or two.  

This conversation reminded me that I am making the right decision, and that Foster is a great place to be! Like me, they were worried that their classmates would be a bunch of competitive, me-first types…but it couldn’t be any farther from the truth. They emphasized how everyone works together and collaborates, and that Foster’s small class sizes were great to keep that friendly atmosphere.  In a tight community like that, the jerks need not apply.